09 May 2012

Tale of the Orange Shoes (2)

A day has finally passed by me. Kinda think about it, it was a long day after all. These two days were like hell to me due to several changes, but I believe I can cope with it. :)

Anyway, back to where I have started.

So, life was beautiful having a best friend that you can really deal with, talk with, but when two different gender starts to communicate too much, feelings and emotions will slowly root into the whole damn thing. And for Mr.Emo, even though he says he just wants her to be happy, sometimes, humans still expect to have more. 

Well, outings were done, days gone by, and slowly, Mr.Emo starts to see many problems that he hasn't thought about. You see, this story isn't like any fairy tales you people ever heard about. Unlike any fairy tales, usually, the prince and princess can just dumb their whole life just to be together, but in this tale, Mr.Emo has to have approvals, supports and all. Supports are very important, especially when it comes from someone who you really trust, respect, and also adore. Family for instant is the best way to actually receive a super strong support. Best friends then come in line, but, I seriously doubt on this, cause friends are always friends till we truly know them. Till the last breath, we will never know whether they are truly your best friends or not. I will still go for family in any situations. Anyway, back to the story, Mr.Emo was kinda surprised when his parents actually gave him a green light on chasing her. Well, that support was gold for Mr.Emo, but yet, there's still many problems ahead that Mr.Emo has to overcome first.

Life is not a straight line, where we can just thrive on and on without pauses and stops. Bumps, the weather, turnings, junctions are part of life we can't really escape. Some chose to face it, some chose to avoid it. Nevertheless, avoidance never really solve problems. Like a balloon, problems are like air, and even though we try not to look at it, eventually, the more air that enters the balloon, it will overload the balloon one fine day, and "BOOM", the balloon is dead. When it burst, it's sometimes kinda late to fix things to the way it is. A burst balloon is a dead balloon. 

So, there's turnings and junctions, where we should take it. Mr.Emo is kinda silly actually, because he is too into fairy tales, he choose to just rampage through the whole way, road blocks, U-turn, traffic lights are like paper to him. He just ran his way through there, hoping that with true efforts and heart, his best friend will be touched eventually. And when you just go running towards without thinking, we eventually cause trouble. Which I will elaborate later. And whether did he succeed in making her touched in the end, it wasn't written in the manuscript, therefore I couldn't really write it out here. 

When it comes to Mr.Emo's birthday, well, it was a really special one. His friend came and gave him a surprise. And that day was superb. Imagine you are walking upstairs to the room, and when you are trying to open it, suddenly someone pops out, holding a birthday cake, wishing you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" The timing for one thing was great, and the outcome of you having to know some angels in life, that's priceless. So, Mr.Emo got an early celebration for his birthday, and when the celebration comes, Mr.Emo was kinda hoping for presents (greedy loser -____-), but none brought him anything. Well, it was saddening for Mr.Emo, but after looking at the effort the angels gave to him, Mr.Emo still smiled happily in the very end.


Patiences, :)
You see, the orange shoes was given to him after a few weeks away from his birthday. But something happened, which makes this shoes a shoes where Mr.Emo wears it with hopes and dreams. It's a meaningful shoes. However, to know the meaning of it, you people have to wait for part 3. I will write it by tomorrow afternoon if I have the time. If you are tired of waiting, then perhaps I didn't make this story as interesting as it may be for you all, and for that, I apologize. I am still a novice writer, so, be patient with my writings k? 

For now, 
Tale of the Orange Shoes part 2 ended, with a slight ache in my heart. I still can't get use with today. 

Just for fun, 
Some people might not know my full name, but if you do read this aloud, I find it seriously speechless. Bay Shing S, doesn't it sound like basin with a 's behind. What!! My name now sounded like basin(s). Zzz. And the funny part is, the people here ALWAYS (especially lecturers) called me basin. Come on-lah~! It is Bay (my SURname) and Shing Shen (my last name). Either you call me by my surname, or my last name, or all. My name is not a vegetable in the market where you can pick which syllabus you wanna read. Anyway, just saying, :) I am actually used with people calling me funny names, but, this one really caught my eyes. 

And before I end this very post.

Treasure your girl. Appreciate them! Girls are meant to be loved! Don't neglect their feelings! And never regret if one fine day you find them gone from your life. Because it will be your fault, not capable to love your girl the way you should have until they have to move on with their life to find someone who truly appreciates them!!

And I mean it!!
For those who are in a relationship especially!! Appreciate before you regret!! 

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