06 May 2012

It's Never Easy

It's been a long time seen I posted something here. Somehow I felt like a liar when I wrote on this blog that I will post frequently as the days goes by, which I didn't. So, I should really start to motivate myself to be a little more hardworking from now onwards, before I really turn into one.

Well, it might just be an empty blog post which no one reads in the very end, but still, I wanna say a little "hi" to you peeps out there and also a very warm thank you for reading and visiting my blog today.

I shall not digress further, I shall continue with my topic today.

It's raining outside, and seriously, each time when it rains, part of me turn super emotional. Lonely. The feeling like you have someone out there, but yet they ain't by your side, and they ain't there for you when you needed them. Well, that's how I felt at times. Needy I guess.

I opened my Instagram for a moment to check and view some pictures, which I unintentionally saw some pictures and somehow.. I turned even moodier. Zzz. I won't write down the reasons on why it makes me moodier here but lets just say that it really makes me to think a lot.

I hate jealousy, I hate being moody, and I definitely hate to face the fact where I should be standing up by now and yet I choose to take a knife and stab it straight into my heart. But I still hope, that one day, you will be the one taking the knife off from me. Healing me.

I am fragile... :(
And I am now a sad fragile little boy sitting a the corner waiting for the day to end... Will you be there for me??

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