25 March 2012


Argument is something we can't avoid in life. Practically everyone argues, regardless how minor or major a problem is.

Some argued just for the fun of it.
Some argued just to state a point.
Some argued just to burst their temper towards somebody.
Some even argued for anything or everything that doesn't please their eyes.

Everybody wants to win in everything - including arguments. Everybody wants to speak out their points too. Sadly, when everybody wants to win and speak at the same time, they always forget to LISTEN in the very end of the arguments.

I am a sore loser type of person. Who doesn't like winning anyway? I always fought to win in almost all the arguments I had. I always want to speak my points out and in the process, I always forget to listen to others.

I am selfish. Just in order to win an argument, just in order to be the right one in everything, I will try anything and everything just to win it all. I will talk louder if I have to, or even show angry faces if I have to. I must say, winning in something is really satisfying and pleasant. But each and every time before bed, when I take my time to rethink what I did for the day, I realized that, the happiness gained from each arguments doesn't last. And when the happiness subsided, all I feel is regrets. 


Not many people I suppose might feel this, but, I realized that,
I might win an argument, but I lose something even more in the very end - friendships, relationships and also family.

Sometimes, if only I could learn how to listen more and talk less.
Sometimes, if only I could just be a little more passive.
Sometimes, if only I could control myself, my temper, my ego.
I believe, I can truly be a better person.

It might take awhile to change, and I know I have to. But changes takes time. 
I don't want to end up like this guy below me... (T____T)

Regrets is what makes you realized what you need to change in life in order to be a better person, a happier person.
Nothing good comes easy. Regrets might be painful, but also, it makes you better.

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