03 April 2012



Each time you thrive hard to reach for the sky, don't forget the  higher you go, the greater you fall.

Many times people tells me to study hard, to achieve the best, to score the best, and even to be the best. But I always ask myself whether it is worth it or not.

It's good to have some. But too much of it, never ever do any good.
It's either you expect highly onto something, and get something out of it, which will make you tremendously happy for a while;

OR you will have to face for the worst.
Which is - to expect highly onto something, and get nothing out of it, which will make you wanna kill yourself for all the efforts you placed in but got nothing in return.

It is still best to be realistic.

You may be the best in the class, but there's always a stronger and better opponent out there. Life is not a battlefield, as the only enemy in life is you yourself. As long as you win yourself, nothing else matters. It's really not worth going through hills and mountains for something that in the end, MIGHT benefit you for awhile but somehow make you lose more in the process. 


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