09 May 2012

Tale of the Orange Shoes (2)

A day has finally passed by me. Kinda think about it, it was a long day after all. These two days were like hell to me due to several changes, but I believe I can cope with it. :)

Anyway, back to where I have started.

So, life was beautiful having a best friend that you can really deal with, talk with, but when two different gender starts to communicate too much, feelings and emotions will slowly root into the whole damn thing. And for Mr.Emo, even though he says he just wants her to be happy, sometimes, humans still expect to have more. 

Well, outings were done, days gone by, and slowly, Mr.Emo starts to see many problems that he hasn't thought about. You see, this story isn't like any fairy tales you people ever heard about. Unlike any fairy tales, usually, the prince and princess can just dumb their whole life just to be together, but in this tale, Mr.Emo has to have approvals, supports and all. Supports are very important, especially when it comes from someone who you really trust, respect, and also adore. Family for instant is the best way to actually receive a super strong support. Best friends then come in line, but, I seriously doubt on this, cause friends are always friends till we truly know them. Till the last breath, we will never know whether they are truly your best friends or not. I will still go for family in any situations. Anyway, back to the story, Mr.Emo was kinda surprised when his parents actually gave him a green light on chasing her. Well, that support was gold for Mr.Emo, but yet, there's still many problems ahead that Mr.Emo has to overcome first.

Life is not a straight line, where we can just thrive on and on without pauses and stops. Bumps, the weather, turnings, junctions are part of life we can't really escape. Some chose to face it, some chose to avoid it. Nevertheless, avoidance never really solve problems. Like a balloon, problems are like air, and even though we try not to look at it, eventually, the more air that enters the balloon, it will overload the balloon one fine day, and "BOOM", the balloon is dead. When it burst, it's sometimes kinda late to fix things to the way it is. A burst balloon is a dead balloon. 

So, there's turnings and junctions, where we should take it. Mr.Emo is kinda silly actually, because he is too into fairy tales, he choose to just rampage through the whole way, road blocks, U-turn, traffic lights are like paper to him. He just ran his way through there, hoping that with true efforts and heart, his best friend will be touched eventually. And when you just go running towards without thinking, we eventually cause trouble. Which I will elaborate later. And whether did he succeed in making her touched in the end, it wasn't written in the manuscript, therefore I couldn't really write it out here. 

When it comes to Mr.Emo's birthday, well, it was a really special one. His friend came and gave him a surprise. And that day was superb. Imagine you are walking upstairs to the room, and when you are trying to open it, suddenly someone pops out, holding a birthday cake, wishing you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" The timing for one thing was great, and the outcome of you having to know some angels in life, that's priceless. So, Mr.Emo got an early celebration for his birthday, and when the celebration comes, Mr.Emo was kinda hoping for presents (greedy loser -____-), but none brought him anything. Well, it was saddening for Mr.Emo, but after looking at the effort the angels gave to him, Mr.Emo still smiled happily in the very end.


Patiences, :)
You see, the orange shoes was given to him after a few weeks away from his birthday. But something happened, which makes this shoes a shoes where Mr.Emo wears it with hopes and dreams. It's a meaningful shoes. However, to know the meaning of it, you people have to wait for part 3. I will write it by tomorrow afternoon if I have the time. If you are tired of waiting, then perhaps I didn't make this story as interesting as it may be for you all, and for that, I apologize. I am still a novice writer, so, be patient with my writings k? 

For now, 
Tale of the Orange Shoes part 2 ended, with a slight ache in my heart. I still can't get use with today. 

Just for fun, 
Some people might not know my full name, but if you do read this aloud, I find it seriously speechless. Bay Shing S, doesn't it sound like basin with a 's behind. What!! My name now sounded like basin(s). Zzz. And the funny part is, the people here ALWAYS (especially lecturers) called me basin. Come on-lah~! It is Bay (my SURname) and Shing Shen (my last name). Either you call me by my surname, or my last name, or all. My name is not a vegetable in the market where you can pick which syllabus you wanna read. Anyway, just saying, :) I am actually used with people calling me funny names, but, this one really caught my eyes. 

And before I end this very post.

Treasure your girl. Appreciate them! Girls are meant to be loved! Don't neglect their feelings! And never regret if one fine day you find them gone from your life. Because it will be your fault, not capable to love your girl the way you should have until they have to move on with their life to find someone who truly appreciates them!!

And I mean it!!
For those who are in a relationship especially!! Appreciate before you regret!! 

08 May 2012

Tale of the Orange Shoes (1)

Have you people ever heard about the tale of the orange shoes?
Well, if you had, trust me, this tale will definitely be different than your version of tale, cause it's written by an emotional person.

So. It begins like all normal stories, it start with; Once upon a time...

See, there's this guy, who is always emotional. And he loves to blog about his emo-ness and all, and even though with or without an audience, he will keep writing on his blog, just so he could be a little less emo. And it goes on years by years. Until..

Until he met this person, a girl who was introduced by this emo guy's friend. Well, lets just say that things went unexpectedly well, and surprisingly, they became super best friends. Like usual, we tell things to our best friend, mr.Emo here did the same too!! He told her almost everything; north, south, east, west, Earth, Pluto, Mars, etc etc... Whatever he can think off, those were the topics they always talked and chat about. It was going so well, till he gave up on his blog, and tend to make her to be his personal diary instead. 

(I bet you people are wondering why I said it's the tale of the Orange Shoes, but yet, I haven't spoken about anything orange related or even shoes related, but be patient, I will get to that part soon!!) As the days goes by, mr.Emo realized that he is starting to like his best friend. It's normal for a guy to like a girl, but lets just say things are very complicated, and the situation just couldn't let them to be together. But mr.Emo didn't really care what's the outcome of the whole pursue, he just kept thriving on and on and on, with only one aim, which is to make her happy. 

(If you do noticed, the above title has an 1 there, which means that there is a part 2 too, but if you are still reading it till here, it means my story still hasn't bored the hell out of you, which I am kinda happy to know.) Okay, I digressed. You see, Mr.Emo knew what situation the girl is in, but Mr.Emo didn't want her to be frustrated and all, that's why all these while, he didn't really did anything much for her. But she, on the other hand did a lot for Mr.Emo. Have you ever turned ill, and you are so ill till you can't really move?? Well, imagine you are in that position, and someone came to rescue you. That heroic yet unforgettable moment. Yupe, Mr.Emo was sick, and he got rescued by a girl. Silly right? I usually hate Wonderwomen, cause I find it weird for a girl to rescue a guy, but in this story, this occurred, which gave me an eye drop. What's the odd of Wonderwomen coming into your life to save you by the way?? But, Mr.Emo was really lucky, lucky that he found her.

Sometimes, when you like something, it doesn't mean you really have to own it. 
True happiness is when the person you truly like is happy, that's already one part of life you wanna see when you truly like someone. 

The orange shoes comes in later, and that part of the story shall I continue in the next post. (I know, waiting is a hell for those impatient people, but, if it is worth it, I bet it is worth the waiting.) :) 

Living in this life, each time and everytime, I always hope that things could be simpler, but yet, each time when it comes to me, basically it is another whole new different story. I can now understand and feel how Sir Valentine felt when he can only communicate with his loved one base on letters. But one thing amazes me most is even though the distances, Sir Valentine is still capable to show his loved one how much he truly misses and loves them. The distance might be killing, but what's is even painful is when both party truly liked each other just couldn't be together. 

Sir Valentine, :)
If you are reading this (if you can, which will be scary -____-), I salute you. You created not only a special day, but you also showed to the world that love can never be parted by distance. The effort and initiative in a person to maintain a relationship is much more important. Cause when you truly love someone, we just want them to be happy. Period.

The song below might be well known by a lot of people, but still, I would like to dedicate it to Mr.Emo's best friend. :)
Take care k?
Life is too short for us to be sad!! (That part of life you can just let Mr.Emo to do!!) 

Part 1 - Ended with a heavy heart. 

没有你的生活 我开始写小说
Mei you ni de shen huo, wo kai shi xie xiao shuo
(my life without you, I start to write novels)
好多画面好多灵感 我要把稿费都给你
Hao duo hua mian hao duo ling gan, wo yao ba gao fei dou gei ni
(a lot of pictures, a lot of inspirations, I just want to write it into a script and send it to you)
巷口不小心经过 你的车子依旧停在红线
xiang kou bu xiao xin jin guo , ni de che zi yi jiu ting zai hong xian
(at a small alley which I passed by unintentionally, I saw your car is still parked at the red line)
帮你缴罚单 你叫我别管
Bang ni jiao fa dang, ni jiao wo bie guan
(I helped you to pay the fine, but you called me not to bother)
Wo cai xiao dao wo men yi jing fen kai
(and then I only realized, we already broke up)
想起那一个夏天 那不是那不是那是冬天
Xiang qi na yi ge xia tian, na bu shi na bu shi na shi dong tian
(starting to think back whether is it that summer, oops, I was wrong, it is the winter)
想起你生气的脸 每天就像冬天
Xiang qi ni shen qi de nian, mei tian jiu xiang dong tian
(thinking about your angry face, everyday is like winter to me)
唉唉唉 你说那是爱爱爱
Ai ai ai, ni shuo na shi ai ai ai
(haihz haihz haihz, but you called it love love love)

谁该坚强起来 月亮还是太阳
Shuo kai jian qiang qu lai, yue liang hai shi tai yang
(who should be stronger, is it the moon or the sun?)
是谁遮了谁 是谁都会依赖
Shi shui zhe le shui, shi shui dou hui yi lai
(Who took care of who, but everyone will rely on each other)
你说已分开 为什么还要帮你撑伞
Ni shuo yi fen kai, wei she me hai yao bang ni zhen san
(you said we already broke off, but why I still want to shade you under the rain)

Cuz baby you are mine mineMine....
Mine mineMine....
太快 就承认 我真的很想你
Tai kuai jiu zhen ren, wo zhen de hen xiang ni
(too fast, I will admit, I really miss you)
Hui bu hui mei you nan ren qi gai
(will this show you that I am not masculine enough?)

You say Bye-byeBye....
Oh bye-byeBye....
拆开 我的心随你看 满满的都是爱
Chai kai, wo de xin shui ni kan, man man de dou shi ai
(tear off my heart and look it thoroughly, and you will realized inside it is filled with nothing but love)

我的眼皮跳一下 代表你在想我 我的耳朵痒一下
Wo de yan pi tiao yi xia, dai biao ni zai xiang wo, wo de er duo yang yi xia
(my eyelid tic once, it means that you are thinking of me, my ear itches once)
代表你在讲我坏话 我没这么不好吧
Dai biao ni zai jiang wo de huai hua, wo mei zhe me bu hao ba
(it means you are talking bad about me, but I am really not that bad right)
不用跟朋友说吧 如果以后和好了
Bu yong gen peng you shuo ba, ru guo yi hou he hao le
(however, try not to tell your friends all about my bad things, cause if one day, we are back together,)
看到你朋友不是很尴尬 想起那一个夏天
Kan dao ni de peng you bu shi hen gan ka, Xiang qi na yi ge xia tian
(wouldn’t it be awkward to see your friends? Starting to think back to that summer)
na bu shi na bu shi na shi dong tian
(oops, o wait, that’s the winter)
想起你生气的脸  每天就像冬天
Xiang qi ni shen qi de nian, mei tian jiu xiang dong tian
(thinking about your angry face, everyday is like winter to me)
唉唉唉 你说那是爱爱爱
Ai ai ai, ni shuo na shi ai ai ai
(haihz haihz haihz, but you called it love love love)

骗谁 我说的气话都收回
Pian shui wo shuo de qi hua dou shou hui
(who I am lying to, I take back all those harsh words I said to you)
Wo xie de xiao shuo gen ben shi kong bai hei ye
(the novel I wrote is mainly blank and filled with darkness)
你说既然已分开 为何还要帮你撑伞
Ni shuo yi ran yi fen kai, wei he hai yao bang ni zhe san
(But you asked me why even though we broke up, why do you still want to shade me when it rains?)

唛唛 你唛搁唛搁偷偷离开
Mai mai, lu mai tou mai tou tou tou li kue,
(don’t don’t, please don’t please don’t sneak away and leave me alone)
唛唛 你唛搁唛搁偷偷离开
Mai mai, lu mai tou mai tou tou tou li kue,
(don’t don’t, please don’t please don’t sneak away and leave me alone)
唛惊 我不会放你一人治那
Mai kia, wo bu hui fang ni yi ren yi na
(don’t be scared, I won’t let you to solve something alone)
Lu xiang wei wu lang kao wu lang ui tia
(cause I know all you wanted is just someone to be there for you, and to also love you)
唛吶 你雨伞雨伞赶紧打开
Mai nao, lu hu san hu san gan gin da kue
(don’t wait, faster open up your umbrella)
唛吶 你雨伞雨伞赶紧打开
Mai nao, lu hu san hu san gan gin da kue
(don’t wait, faster open up your umbrella)
唛闹 落大雨你淋雨我艰苦
Mai nao, luo da ho lu lam ho wo gan ko
(Don’t play already, because it’s raining heavily, and if you get wet, I will feel sad)
Luo da ho ngo mut lu oi kan ko
(but I will be even sadder, when I couldn’t be there for you when it is raining heavily)

Cuz baby you are mine mineMine....
Mine mineMine....
太快 就承认 我真的很想你 会不会没有男子气概
Tai kuai jiu zhen ren, wo zhen de hen xiang ni
(too fast, I will admit, I really miss you, will this show you that I am not masculine enough?)

You say
唛吶 你雨伞雨伞赶紧打开
Mai nao, lu hu san hu san gan gin da kue
(don’t wait, faster open up your umbrella)
唛吶 你雨伞雨伞赶紧打开
Mai nao, lu hu san hu san gan gin da kue
(don’t wait, faster open up your umbrella)
唛闹 落大雨你淋雨我艰苦
Mai nao, luo da ho lu lam ho wo gan ko
(Don’t play already, because it’s raining heavily, and if you get wet, I will feel sad)
Luo da ho ngo mut lu oi kan ko
(but I will be even sadder, when I couldn’t be there for you when it is raining heavily)

06 May 2012

It's Never Easy

It's been a long time seen I posted something here. Somehow I felt like a liar when I wrote on this blog that I will post frequently as the days goes by, which I didn't. So, I should really start to motivate myself to be a little more hardworking from now onwards, before I really turn into one.

Well, it might just be an empty blog post which no one reads in the very end, but still, I wanna say a little "hi" to you peeps out there and also a very warm thank you for reading and visiting my blog today.

I shall not digress further, I shall continue with my topic today.

It's raining outside, and seriously, each time when it rains, part of me turn super emotional. Lonely. The feeling like you have someone out there, but yet they ain't by your side, and they ain't there for you when you needed them. Well, that's how I felt at times. Needy I guess.

I opened my Instagram for a moment to check and view some pictures, which I unintentionally saw some pictures and somehow.. I turned even moodier. Zzz. I won't write down the reasons on why it makes me moodier here but lets just say that it really makes me to think a lot.

I hate jealousy, I hate being moody, and I definitely hate to face the fact where I should be standing up by now and yet I choose to take a knife and stab it straight into my heart. But I still hope, that one day, you will be the one taking the knife off from me. Healing me.

I am fragile... :(
And I am now a sad fragile little boy sitting a the corner waiting for the day to end... Will you be there for me??

03 April 2012



Each time you thrive hard to reach for the sky, don't forget the  higher you go, the greater you fall.

Many times people tells me to study hard, to achieve the best, to score the best, and even to be the best. But I always ask myself whether it is worth it or not.

It's good to have some. But too much of it, never ever do any good.
It's either you expect highly onto something, and get something out of it, which will make you tremendously happy for a while;

OR you will have to face for the worst.
Which is - to expect highly onto something, and get nothing out of it, which will make you wanna kill yourself for all the efforts you placed in but got nothing in return.

It is still best to be realistic.

You may be the best in the class, but there's always a stronger and better opponent out there. Life is not a battlefield, as the only enemy in life is you yourself. As long as you win yourself, nothing else matters. It's really not worth going through hills and mountains for something that in the end, MIGHT benefit you for awhile but somehow make you lose more in the process. 

30 March 2012


After 3 and a half years, I have finally got my so called doctor degree.

In a few more months time, I will be working in the hospital, trying my best to learn the skills I need to rescue patients. I will never know what the future holds, but for now, I just hope that everything will go smoothly, and hopefully, it will be smooth sailing.

Congratulation to all my batchmates. It is not yet the end, but still, it's a moment worth being proud about. After all, we are half way there already. Rejoice~ <3

Never give up, don't stop, don't pause,
For each turn you stop, pause or give up,  
You will never know what is ahead you after all you have work for.
Thrive your best to achieve something, as long as you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible!

25 March 2012


Argument is something we can't avoid in life. Practically everyone argues, regardless how minor or major a problem is.

Some argued just for the fun of it.
Some argued just to state a point.
Some argued just to burst their temper towards somebody.
Some even argued for anything or everything that doesn't please their eyes.

Everybody wants to win in everything - including arguments. Everybody wants to speak out their points too. Sadly, when everybody wants to win and speak at the same time, they always forget to LISTEN in the very end of the arguments.

I am a sore loser type of person. Who doesn't like winning anyway? I always fought to win in almost all the arguments I had. I always want to speak my points out and in the process, I always forget to listen to others.

I am selfish. Just in order to win an argument, just in order to be the right one in everything, I will try anything and everything just to win it all. I will talk louder if I have to, or even show angry faces if I have to. I must say, winning in something is really satisfying and pleasant. But each and every time before bed, when I take my time to rethink what I did for the day, I realized that, the happiness gained from each arguments doesn't last. And when the happiness subsided, all I feel is regrets. 


Not many people I suppose might feel this, but, I realized that,
I might win an argument, but I lose something even more in the very end - friendships, relationships and also family.

Sometimes, if only I could learn how to listen more and talk less.
Sometimes, if only I could just be a little more passive.
Sometimes, if only I could control myself, my temper, my ego.
I believe, I can truly be a better person.

It might take awhile to change, and I know I have to. But changes takes time. 
I don't want to end up like this guy below me... (T____T)

Regrets is what makes you realized what you need to change in life in order to be a better person, a happier person.
Nothing good comes easy. Regrets might be painful, but also, it makes you better.

24 March 2012


I knew that I will eventually come back blogging one day, but I just didn't know when.

Well, if you trying to find my previous posts, just give up already. I deleted everything when I am renovating my blog because I think that everyone has to move on, and those past I wrote, shall just remain in my memory only. So, I shall start fresh with a new post today. :) 

For the new viewers, "Hello!!" In case you didn't know, you have just reached to my emotional blog page.

Many people asked me this question frequently. Why did I put Mr.Emo as my nickname. 

Hmmm. So, just so to kill the curiosity, the nickname comes basically because I am emotional most of the time. Believe it or not, I spent most of my time squatting on the toilet bowl emo-ing. And when I got tired squatting and emo-ing, I tend to write a blog post instead.

Okay, I think I shouldn't dwell too much on my introduction. *cough cough* I should get back to my topic today.

Maybe today's topic is the main reason I started to blog again. *I am digressing again -.-* As I once said (for those who didn't read my blog before, I said that blogging is a way to express myself better, because sometimes, words are much better to be written than to be spoken out.), so I am planning to do so again, by writing down what I can't express. So basically, it is like a whining blog than a blog like others where they introduce foods, musics and all craps you can find from google.com. 

So jealousy, hmmm. I think everyone experienced that before? 

If you haven't, maybe you should try it. It's fun!!

Okay, I digressed *again and again*. Well, who wouldn't get jealous when the things they want got taken away by others. What's worst when that thing is something you crave all this while?? Of course, I must say, jealousy is never a good policy. It's not really a good thing to get into as it just makes you moody. And constant moodiness just makes you into me, an emotional crappy loser. 

Many people always think that they can escape jealousy, but they are all wrong. If jealousy is so easily dropped off, it will never be one of the 7 devils of life. And for those who made us jealous, they just didn't know how important they are to us, or how important that things meant to us. Besides, who will get jealous with some small patty stuff??

I just don't like that feeling as it makes you freaking emotional in the very end. Frustration then enters into the picture with jealousy when the person who made you jealous didn't even realized what they did. They then tend to do it over and over again like you are a switch on the wall, where they kept switching it on and off, just for the fun of it when they are bored. 

People usually say, only you understand yourself more than others, and you should speak out whenever you feel uncomfortable so that others could know. But come on, not everything needs to be spoken out to someone. I always believe, if a person takes you importantly, they will try to communicate with you, understands you and try to be their very best to you mainly cause you are important. But if you are not, that means you are just high 5-ing the air alone. 

But this is the price you have to pay, when you truly like something, while that something don't take you as important as you do.

I know I can't blame anyone for making me jealous. Besides, if you are jealous of something, it is practically all your fault! Because, you took something too importantly when you know, maybe, that very something is not meant to be yours in the very end. That's why, when someone got it, you tend to get jealous and make a huge fuss like I am doing now.


But I am still carrying hope that one day, this grey sky can be filled with rainbows once again.


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