30 March 2012


After 3 and a half years, I have finally got my so called doctor degree.

In a few more months time, I will be working in the hospital, trying my best to learn the skills I need to rescue patients. I will never know what the future holds, but for now, I just hope that everything will go smoothly, and hopefully, it will be smooth sailing.

Congratulation to all my batchmates. It is not yet the end, but still, it's a moment worth being proud about. After all, we are half way there already. Rejoice~ <3

Never give up, don't stop, don't pause,
For each turn you stop, pause or give up,  
You will never know what is ahead you after all you have work for.
Thrive your best to achieve something, as long as you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible!

25 March 2012


Argument is something we can't avoid in life. Practically everyone argues, regardless how minor or major a problem is.

Some argued just for the fun of it.
Some argued just to state a point.
Some argued just to burst their temper towards somebody.
Some even argued for anything or everything that doesn't please their eyes.

Everybody wants to win in everything - including arguments. Everybody wants to speak out their points too. Sadly, when everybody wants to win and speak at the same time, they always forget to LISTEN in the very end of the arguments.

I am a sore loser type of person. Who doesn't like winning anyway? I always fought to win in almost all the arguments I had. I always want to speak my points out and in the process, I always forget to listen to others.

I am selfish. Just in order to win an argument, just in order to be the right one in everything, I will try anything and everything just to win it all. I will talk louder if I have to, or even show angry faces if I have to. I must say, winning in something is really satisfying and pleasant. But each and every time before bed, when I take my time to rethink what I did for the day, I realized that, the happiness gained from each arguments doesn't last. And when the happiness subsided, all I feel is regrets. 


Not many people I suppose might feel this, but, I realized that,
I might win an argument, but I lose something even more in the very end - friendships, relationships and also family.

Sometimes, if only I could learn how to listen more and talk less.
Sometimes, if only I could just be a little more passive.
Sometimes, if only I could control myself, my temper, my ego.
I believe, I can truly be a better person.

It might take awhile to change, and I know I have to. But changes takes time. 
I don't want to end up like this guy below me... (T____T)

Regrets is what makes you realized what you need to change in life in order to be a better person, a happier person.
Nothing good comes easy. Regrets might be painful, but also, it makes you better.

24 March 2012


I knew that I will eventually come back blogging one day, but I just didn't know when.

Well, if you trying to find my previous posts, just give up already. I deleted everything when I am renovating my blog because I think that everyone has to move on, and those past I wrote, shall just remain in my memory only. So, I shall start fresh with a new post today. :) 

For the new viewers, "Hello!!" In case you didn't know, you have just reached to my emotional blog page.

Many people asked me this question frequently. Why did I put Mr.Emo as my nickname. 

Hmmm. So, just so to kill the curiosity, the nickname comes basically because I am emotional most of the time. Believe it or not, I spent most of my time squatting on the toilet bowl emo-ing. And when I got tired squatting and emo-ing, I tend to write a blog post instead.

Okay, I think I shouldn't dwell too much on my introduction. *cough cough* I should get back to my topic today.

Maybe today's topic is the main reason I started to blog again. *I am digressing again -.-* As I once said (for those who didn't read my blog before, I said that blogging is a way to express myself better, because sometimes, words are much better to be written than to be spoken out.), so I am planning to do so again, by writing down what I can't express. So basically, it is like a whining blog than a blog like others where they introduce foods, musics and all craps you can find from google.com. 

So jealousy, hmmm. I think everyone experienced that before? 

If you haven't, maybe you should try it. It's fun!!

Okay, I digressed *again and again*. Well, who wouldn't get jealous when the things they want got taken away by others. What's worst when that thing is something you crave all this while?? Of course, I must say, jealousy is never a good policy. It's not really a good thing to get into as it just makes you moody. And constant moodiness just makes you into me, an emotional crappy loser. 

Many people always think that they can escape jealousy, but they are all wrong. If jealousy is so easily dropped off, it will never be one of the 7 devils of life. And for those who made us jealous, they just didn't know how important they are to us, or how important that things meant to us. Besides, who will get jealous with some small patty stuff??

I just don't like that feeling as it makes you freaking emotional in the very end. Frustration then enters into the picture with jealousy when the person who made you jealous didn't even realized what they did. They then tend to do it over and over again like you are a switch on the wall, where they kept switching it on and off, just for the fun of it when they are bored. 

People usually say, only you understand yourself more than others, and you should speak out whenever you feel uncomfortable so that others could know. But come on, not everything needs to be spoken out to someone. I always believe, if a person takes you importantly, they will try to communicate with you, understands you and try to be their very best to you mainly cause you are important. But if you are not, that means you are just high 5-ing the air alone. 

But this is the price you have to pay, when you truly like something, while that something don't take you as important as you do.

I know I can't blame anyone for making me jealous. Besides, if you are jealous of something, it is practically all your fault! Because, you took something too importantly when you know, maybe, that very something is not meant to be yours in the very end. That's why, when someone got it, you tend to get jealous and make a huge fuss like I am doing now.


But I am still carrying hope that one day, this grey sky can be filled with rainbows once again.


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